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violence. a historic day for the nasa shuttle program. but will this launch actually happen this morning? we will tell you what is happening now. pg&e says it's increasing its pipeline safety the way they say they are improving their inspection process. it's all ahead on ktvu morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us on this friday, july 8th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you very much. we do have some fog out there. there was a lot more yesterday at this time. it will clear sooner today. 60s and 70s coast and bay. still mid to upper 10:s and low 90 -- upper 80s and low 90s inland. right now we are looking at highway four. that traffic looks nice.
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chp is not reporting anything on that freeway. also the morning commute on 80 westbound is looking very nice as welcoming out to the mccarthur maze. let's go back to the desk. thank you. a terrifying plane crash in watsonville is being investigated by the faa. two passengers on that plane was killed. allie rasmus tells us their plane almost landed in the watsonville community hospital. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we can still see the wreckage from the plane crash. behind us what is left of the single engine plane that crashed yesterday. you can barely make out the edge of the burnt up tail of the edge of that plane. where it crashed is through the front lobby of this building that it's sitting next too to. this is a medical office building. the hospital is just behind the building you are looking at. this crash site you are look at right now is 100 yards away from watsonville airport. that is where the plane had
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taken off from yesterday. it started around 7:30 last night. the single engine took off from the airport. the plane took off and tried to ascend but then suddenly nose dived across the ground. >> the window broken out it was a lot of smoke. never seen that color type of smoke before. i've seen bad fires but the color of smoke i saw i have never seen that smoke before. >> reporter: now there were two people on board that plane and officials confirmed that those two individuals died yesterday. they have not been identified yesterday. no one on the ground was hurt or injured. that is because the building this plane crashed into was empty because it was after hours. it had already closed for the day. none of the patients in the hospital next door were effected. there were no power outages or evacuations. faa investigators arrived here
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last night. they will try to figure out why this crash happened. again back out here live. you are looking at the area that has been quarantined off by officials. they are going to continue their investigation later on this morning. we are check back with you guys later on the ktvu morning news. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. overnight oakland police were busy investigating four different shootings that happened in a 90 minute time span. they all happened between 8:30 and 10:00 last night. in all 10 people were injured. the first shooting happened just after 8:30 on e street near 88th avenue in east oakland. investigators say someone opened fire and hit three people. the victims are now said to be at the hospital in stable condition. police say another triple shooting happened about an hour later. this time at 98th avenue in bancroft. investigators say it appears
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the three victims were shot inside or just outside of a car. all three were taken to highland hospital. and officers responded to 71st avenue and international boulevard for the third shooting a few minutes later. someone shot a man coming out of a liquor store. an ambulance took him to highland hospital. also last night oakland police responded to 108th and foothill after three people were shot there. all the victims are now at the hospital. it's not clear if all of this violence is related. ktvu kraig debro is following the story and he's going to bring us an update in the next half hour. time is 5:04. santa cruz police are searching for a man that sexually abused a 13-year-old boy. the attack happened last night right outside of a public restroom. the boy was traumatized but didn't suffer any major physical injuries. they are describing his attacker as a white man.
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between 25-40 years old. medium height with short light brown hair. he was wearing a white tank top. investigators are also searching for another man who was with him at the time of the attack. happening right now the final u.s. space shuttle mission is on schedule to launch from florida at 8:26 our time. but weather in florida still the biggest concern. we are looking live there this morning as the astronauts prepare just in case. a storm that includes thunder and lightning could put off the mission for tomorrow or later. the four member crew is getting on board the shuttle right now. as you can see the latest word from nasa there is only a 30% chance of lift off today. the next chance to head into space would be tomorrow. there are parties here in the bay area celebrating the final shuttle launch. claudine wong is at shabo space and science center. they have a lot of great people
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to answer questions there. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, pam. they want to celebrate the history making portion of this day and celebrate all the years of nasa space exploration and what is happening today. we are at chebout. they will open at 7:30. i guess at this point everyone wondering if this large will happen. we will go back live at this picture you showed us. this is the shuttle atlantis where the crew has gotten on board that shuttle and they were saled in at 5:06 is when they will be sealing those doors. they will pull away the walkway at 6:21. everyone operating on the assumption that this will go forward. in just about 15 minutes the jet will take off to get a better gauge of that weather. that may give us a better indication of whether or not we will see this launch happening. rain could delay it. the weekend doesn't look
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better. fit doesn't happen by monday we could be looking at another week if this goes forward. fit does happen and when this does happen it will be a historic day. the shuttle launch will be the last in a 30-year history of the space shuttle program. that is why everyone wants to be a part of this. there are a couple places in the bay area where you can watch this happen. if you want to be part of a big group. let's talk about the chabot space and science center. this opens at 8:26 this morning. they will have experts on hand for people who have any questions and make it a learning experience. if you had thought ahead and you were thinking about this week in advance you might have seats at the nasa aim center. those spots were already taken. people reserved those a few weeks in advance. those are the two spots in the bay area if you want to take a look at the historic launch that is where you can do it. that is all dependent on if it
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actually happens. whether be watching developments of course with the shuttle atlantis to see fit takes off. when it does or if it does we will be here keeping you updated here. time now 5:07. more bay area survivors of that fishing boat disaster will be coming home today. this is realtives of the other missing fishermen. >> we found fishing gear, fishing bags. >> now the coast guard believes the sunken boat is 200 feet below the water. family members say it was tough for survivors to come home while the search goes on for their friends. >> they really did not want to go home but because of their injuries, many are sick they have sunburns and bitten by jelly fishes. >> i want to show you video as the group gathered before they set off. the mercury news reports a truck driven by lee of san
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martin and michael of belmont actually broke down after they crossed the border. they are now on a bus. they are due back home this morning. in business news the big question this morning did u.s. job growth increase last month? the june employment report is due out this morning. coming up at 5:15 we will have a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom on what economists are expecting and what the labor secretary is saying about jobs. time now 5:08. the states public safety commission is adding nine people to its pipeline safety inspection team. the new hires bring the staff to 18 now. that is double the number of inspectors they had before the san bruno pipeline explosion. the cpuc says it's carrying out reforms suggested by an independent panel. it's 5:09. time to two back over to sal and check in on the commute. sal. >> we do have traffic that is doing pretty well around the bay area. there is not a lot of volume as
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you might imagine. let's go outside and talk about the fog. steve and i have been talking about the fog. steve told me earlier that the fog on the golden gate won't be or is not as thick as it was yesterday. i guess the fog was a little bit worse yesterday he said. that is good news for drivers. we don't have to worry about it as much. you will still see some of it near the span. so this morning we are looking at the bay bridge. you can see for yourself here that traffic is not a big problem driving through the toll plaza. and if you are driving in san jose northbound 280 also looks very nice right through downtown. here is steve. it's still there, sal just not as thick as yesterday. some fog there. it's getting chewed up by north wind. yesterday it was covering the coast. it's going down the coast now. less fog. more sun warm today. mostly sunny. cooler and breezy on the weekend. much cooler next week.
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yesterday fog, fog. there it goes. there it goes. there is still some hanging on. it's not the coverage that we had yesterday. the tropical clouds from yesterday up in the sierra nevada looks like they are pushing off toward the east. maybe some lee side. but most of it looks to be south of lake tahoe. again the decrease in coverage the high it's moving but boy sit slow. 52 santa rosa. 57 redwood city. hayward at 57. so is livermore. one system move spot pacific northwest. that did cool down many locations. a couple days ago we were up 90s and 100s. it's still a tough call to get that high out of here. it's on its way. warm. a few clouds up in tahoe. sunny on saturday and and sunday.
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morning fog and then sunny and warm today. 90s inland. fog and sun on the coast. afternoon highs 60-95. between some low 90s or low 80s. 86 santa rosa. 86 napa. 60s on the coast and in the city. but temperatures you don't have to go far to find a big spread on the temps in san francisco. a.m. fog sunny. cooler pattern sunday. much cooler pattern next week. the tsa accused of another inappropriate search. >> i felt violated and i felt like this was inappropriate. >> it doesn't involve the controversial body scanners. why this woman says she was targeted because of her hair. legal trouble for the oakland police department. why a former sergeant has filed a lawsuit. good morning, if you are driving on the bay bridge any time soon, the traffic on both decks looking good. we will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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welcome back to the morning news. it's 5:15. in the next 15 minutes we get a crucial piece of economic news as ktvu scott mcfarland tells the labor department will reveal how much the company added or lost in june. >> a lot of information coming our way. we are watching for one piece of information imparticular. an issue that has hit the bay area really hard. are we still losing firefighter, police, and
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teaching jobs? tens of thousands of private sector jobs have been lost in the u.s. in the past few months. even though private sector hiring same proving, school and city layoffs have been squeezing the economy and the overall jobs numbers. we spoke repeatly with the u.s. labor secretary that told us the loss of teaching job since fortunate. >> i would never want to tell someone to go into the teaches profession. we need more people. >> reporter: economists are forecasting 100,000 jobs were added in the past month. added in june. not enough to lower the unemployment rate. the rise in public sector layoffs wouldn't be surprising either. live in washington scott mcfarland. 5:16. the attorney for a mexican man executed in texas says americans going abroad are facing potential danger. last night the state of texas
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executed 38-year-old umberto for the murder of a 16-year-old girl. he apologized before his execution and then he shouted viva mexico i am ready warden. attorneys say texas is setting a bad precedent for americans who get in legal trouble abroad. an airport screener has been fired accused of stealing from passengers. investigators say that the scheme went on for months at the fort lauderdale hollywood airport in florida. investigators say he sold the stolen items online. he no longer works for the tsa. a washington state woman says she was singled out for a hand search because of her hair. it happened after she went through an advanced imaging search at seattle airport.
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she was wearing her hair up at the time. tsa screeners threatened to call police if she didn't let them examine her hair. >> i remember looking at a woman with her hair in the ponytail thinking why isn't she being accosted as well? >> a tsa spokesperson says they take any charge of racism seriously and the security screeners were just being thorough. 5:18. a discrimination lawsuit has been filed against the city of oakland by a police sergeant connected to the chauncey bailey murder case. darren has a similar lawsuit pending in federal court. they criticized longmeyer for his handling of the bailey case and being toolless to yusuf bey iv.
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frank summervail sat down with long higher. he will stay with the department for an extended period. the interim police chief is expected to be announced in the next few days. time now 5:18. sal is here to announce how the commute is just waking up on a friday morning. sal. >> yeah. we do have a couple of problems out there. let's go outside and take a look at some of the things here. westbound highway 4 you can see traffic is moving along okay if you are driving on traffic up to the willow pass grade. there are no major plans. also if you are on the bay bridge approach the traffic here looks pretty good. there are no major issues. if you are driving on to the bridge itself, it looks pretty good. the road work is not out there. so all the lanes are open.
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and if you are driving to the city 101 traffic looks good. this is a look at southbound 101 at the lawrence expressway. there is a truck that has blocked a couple lanes. i'm reading the chp log here. it says one main line onramp is blocked. it's not as bad as we thought it was earlier. but southbound 101 traffic may be effected. traffic is light in the area. we don't have a big back up now. we will keep an eye on it for you. let's go to steve. >> thank you. yesterday a ton of fog on the coast and some of that moving locally inland. it's getting chewed up by more of a north wind. temperatures are a little cool this morning. the tropical clouds are moving off unless you are highwaying up to the sierra or down to southern california. looks like a little decrease in some of that thunderstorm activity south of tahoe. 57 redwood city. 60 at fair feel.
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there is not much of a sea breeze. calm santa rosa. calm san jose. system that moved in yesterday calmed down even cooled down some. it's still inland areas are holding on to the 90s. i don't think we will see a change in that today until this weekend. 60s to 90s. morning fog. nice for some. afternoon highs take your pick if you are near the coast 60s or 70s. 86 in sonoma. 86 in napa. 94 clear lake. low 90s danville. walnut creek. hayward 78 degrees. 86 sarah toga. 83 san jose. 84 wood side. i saw two temperatures there wood side heights with 78 and wood side proper was 84.
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77 san mateo and then 68 san francisco with half-moon bay at 64. decrease in the fog today will mean temperatures similar to yesterday. cooler weather takes in on saturday and much cooler sunday and monday. most european markets are trading higher this morning. perhaps reacting to improving u.s. jobs reports. japans nikkei gained more than 1% each. china also closed up. more working americans means the u.s. is a stronger export markets for companies in the far east. checking in on our number. those markets reacting to the weekly numbers. the monthly jobs report as we have been mentioning coming out in eight minutes now. so certainly could effect things. here's where we start. the dow the nasdaq and s & p all posting gains. time now 5:22. a bay area community college student is about to take a trip
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of a life-time. now he loves the stars. where he's going to change -- could change how the rest of the classmates are taught about space. and take a look as the car gets caught in heavy rain. what happened to that driver inside. gorks if you are driving -- good morning, if you are driving on interstate 680 it looks good. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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good morning, some fog but not the coverage we had yesterday. not much of a sea breeze. if you like yesterday you will love today. 60s and 70s coast and bay. take a look at this a colorado woman barely escaped her sinking car after heavy rains quickly swamped the denver area. this is video of the under pass there. her car submerged under that bridge. the woman said she managed to climb out of the window just as the water started rushing in. took about an hour for the water to start reseeding. >> incredible story, pam. tomorrow a student from the college of san mateo will head to one of the harshest most dangerous environments on earth. north of the arctic circle. 20-year-old lewis alvarez will spend a month at the research station. scientists have set up a camp
5:27 am
there what simulates what life may be like on mars. for alvarez this is a dream come true and he hopes this inspires other students to take part in major research. >> i know community colleges don't get to do these things. but if i can set the precedent now and give us a good firm foundation, i think it will be tremendous. >> alvarez will also help lay the ground work for installing a telescope that will send images back to the college. a baseball fan falls to his death during a game. we learning more this morning about what happened. why oakland police detectives will have to spend a long time figuring out why there were multiple shootings last night. the weather still a big question about today's final space shuttle launch. the head of nasa says we still have a shot at this today. we are live in florida to take
5:28 am
a look and we have places where you can watch that launch locally surrounded by people who know exactly what the astro notes are doing throughout the mission. if you are driving in sunnyvale or toward it there is a big problem waiting for you.
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good morning, to you.
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welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning nows. it's friday, july 8th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve paulson. what will be the day be like? >> about the same as yesterday. there is fog but not as yesterday. temperatures close to yesterday. 60s and 70s coast to bay. mid 80s inland. traffic is moving along well if you are driving on interstate 880 heading south and north. we are look at traffic in san francisco along highway 101. on 101 in the south bay there is a problem. we'll have that and all the other traffic trouble spots coming up at 5:31 let's go back to the desk. ten people are recovering from injuries this morning after a violent night in oakland. there were four different shootings in just 90 minutes. ktvu kraig debro is outside police headquarters right now with what investigators are
5:32 am
saying about the shootings. >> reporter: i made a call up to the homicide division just a little while ago. so far all i have been able to do is leave messages. the shooting started in east oakland and in a couple of cases there have been multiple victims. emts took two people to high land hospital for a shooting at 87th and e street. police responded to the scene there around 8:30 last night. a bullet grazed a third victim. that person did not need to see a doctor or go to the hospital. another person was shot at 98th and bancroft. police told us each victim has nonlife threaten injuries. 15 minutes earlier than that a half mile away in foothills three people were shot there. police are looking for four or five suspect in the that shooting. around 10:00 p.m. about 15 minutes later police say a person was shot at 51st
5:33 am
and international. like all the other shooting there is are no suspects in custody and there is no indication of a motive in any of the shootings. reporting live from oakland kraig debro. time now 5:-- time now 5:32. the faa in fact investigating a small plane crash. this happened shortly after 7:30 last night. investigators say two people were killed when their small plane crashed into an empty hospital office building moments after taking off from the watson vail municipal airport. witnesses that saw this say the plane immediately nose dived and burst into flames after smashing into a building. >> the plane crashed into a medical facility near the hospital. this is not associated with the hospital. so i really want to make that clear that this does not effect any of the patients here at the facility. >> reporter: now no one on the ground was hurt.
5:34 am
luckily still not clear why the plane crashed. however ktvu allie rasmus is pulling together new information from the investigators. we will have a live update from watsonville in the next half hour. the man that fell to his death at last nights oakland a's game was firefighter. shannon stone was at the game when he fell over the railing. he was trying to catch a foul ball that was tossed his way by a player. fire department officials say stone was conscious after that fall but went into full cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital. >> we are very heavy hearted about this and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. >> yesterday's fall comes a year after another man survived a 30-foot fall during a rangers game. just two months ago a man died after falling about 20 feet at a colorado rockies game. time now 5:43m. happen right now the crew of the space shuttle atlantis is
5:35 am
already on board the shuttle. despite concerns about bad weather. claudine wong is live at chabot space center where people are gathering to watch the final launch if it happens this morning. >> reporter: that is the big question. will this launch actually happen. there are a lot of viewing events planned across the viewing area. there is one here at the chabot science center. they are set to open their doors at 7:30 this morning. they expect 150-200 people to watch this historic day. we still don't know if this will happen. let's give you a live look at florida. they are hook up the astronauts now. everyone going ahead with the theory that this will happen. at this point we look at a 30% chance that this is going to go on as scheduled. but in the meantime, all of those preparations it takes a long time to get everyone up and going. so they are going straight
5:36 am
ahead with this. the folks at chabot when i asked them if this happens and if it doesn't happen will you still gather here? they say this is a historic day being the last shuttle launch. they will be here regardless to talk about this. they have plans through the weekend if this gets delayed tomorrow or the next day they will be ready to watch it here. so it's $10 to get through the door here. they have the mega dome ready this morning. also that costs you $10 to get in here. it's still open. there rim r still seats -- there are still seats available. the tickets reserved a couple weeks in advance. so those are the two main events going on in the bay area with folks that want to see this launch. again if it happens. live in oakland claudine wong.
5:37 am
>> coming up at 5:45 we will have a live report from the kennedy space center about this shuttle launch. a richmond manhole in connection -- a richmond man held in connection with the deadly shooting -- he is accused of shooting a man outside of club suede. it has prompted the city to re- examine nightclub security. new development in a highly publicized murder case in san mateo county. they are ruled gregory elarms is not competent to stand trial. he is accused of killing david lewis outside of san mateo's mall one year ago. elarms was a childhood friend of lewis that often came to him
5:38 am
for help. the motive of the clearing is not clear. 5:37. the city of oakland is about to welcome back some laid off police officers. the money to brick them back became available after the officers union agreed to millions of dollars in concessions. that requires every police officer to contribute 9% of their salary to their pensions. anthony bass says the savings will allow them to bring back 22 police officers that were laid off. >> from what i learned some are ready to come back. >> the city of oakland has 200 fewer police officers than it did two years ago. police chief bass has responded by a new organization. that will save the department some extra money. cal train is investigating yet another fatality on its
5:39 am
tracks. a person was hit and killed close to the churchill crossing just after 8:30 last night. cal train says that person was trespassing. now this latest incident comes as cal train is looking at installing cameras on its trains. the decision was put on hold yesterday as cal train figures out whether the video recordings including fatalities would be a matter of public wrecking. a big rig driver for the john davis trucking company slammed into an amtrak train killing six people. the company says it is determined to find out why the driver ignored flashing lights and crossing gates and smashed into that moving train. the trucking company also said it was not at fault at two previous accidents that are sited in state safety records.
5:40 am
let's get you where you need to go. sal. >> we have good news. we had a truck that was briefly jackknifed. well that jackknife has been removed now. the lanes have been open. we just got that update from chp. let's show you where it was. this is southbound 101 at the lawrence expressway. for awhile as they straightened out the truck they had to block all the planes. now it's open. let's go out and take a look at 237. it's a nice drive. it's light this morning trying to get into sunnyvale. this mornings commute in san francisco you see a little bit of fog kind of white house ping through there. the -- you will see some of it.
5:41 am
better more meet logical explanation let's go to steve. sal, first zito a any facty hitter. very impressive. low clouds and fog. as sal touched on it the whist piness. it's another day tran sis. what happens yesterday we will carry over into today. not changing the temperatures too much. we do have less fog. the coverage yesterday was extensive up and down the coast. that is not the case today. it's decreasing. more sunshine it will still be cool to mild to warm. depending on your proximity to the coast. mostly sunny on the weekend. much cooler next week. another strong low digging into the pacific northwest will give us a bigger cooling trend. the cooler weather has effected mainly the coast and bay. yes, it's not as hot as it was inland a couple days ago. we still getting 90s though be
5:42 am
the fog will decrease and there will be sun on the coast as well. yesterday was a tall order. there it goes. yesterday look at how it felt right there. the tropical clouds or thunderstorm activity looks to be decreasing. upper atmosphere is turning more south westerly in direction. that will not help with the thunderstorm activity. 50s and 60s here. a lot of 50s. san jose at 50. there was a stronger fairfield breeze yesterday. it's calm today. so there is not much of a breeze. give it a credit. morning fog and then sunny. warm for many. 60s and toys coast and bay. 95 antioch.
5:43 am
synura moan. berkeley at 73. 80s for many. fremont went 80. fog will be increasing and cooler weather will be moving inland in the next three to five days. she's been missing for more than a month now. the interesting and easy way you can help in the search for michelle lee today. also the posh club getting ready to host prince william and his new bride. just a couple hours away from landing in california.
5:44 am
5:45 am
good morning, to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at the top stories we are following for you right now at 5:45.
5:46 am
oakland police busy investigating four different shootings in a 90 minute span. it happened between 8:30 and 10:00 last night. ten people were hurt. still not clear yet if all of this violence is connecting. the investigation is under way in a terrifying plane crash in watsonville. two people died when a small plane smashed into this medical office building. their plane almost landed into the watsonville community hospital. the space shuttle atlantis there it is. scheduled to lift off in a couple hours. space watchers will be gathering at oakland chabot space center to watch that last launch in the 30-year history of the space shutting program. the scheduled launch may not happen today though. jim spellman is at the kennedy space center right now where a decision on a go or no go could come at any time. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, to
5:47 am
you pam. still officially on a 30% chance they will be able to get off the ground in about 2.5 hours or so. things have been looking better after a terrible day of weather yesterday. they are going forward with this though as if they are ready to take off. they have fueled up the large external fuel tank. the astronauts are boarding atlanta as we speak. take a look. when atlantis lifts off on its final mission its four person crew will go down in history. the last crew in a long line of shuttle astronauts. >> the shuttle has cleared the tower. >> reporter: starting with the first flight by columbia. it's a legacy pilot doug takes seriously. >> that's where i feel the most pressure to be able to represent them the way they deserve to be represented. >> their 13-day mission will take them to the international space station where they will
5:48 am
drop off supplies. sandra spent 4.5 months orbiting the world traveling over 50 million miles. >> we are very, very busy in training. >> reporter: this 135th shuttle mission will be mission specialist rex's third time in space but knowing this is the final mission makes this one special. >> kind of like being at disney land. will i get to the front of the line before the ride closes? or will i get caught off at the very end. >> reporter: the crew leader is a former top gun pilot. and plays drums. he will worry about history after the mission is complete and his crew is safely back home. >> we want to make sure we get the job done. when the job is done we can look back and reflect where the place in history lied. >> reporter: there is a lot of excitement here onth space coast. thousands of people lined up on bridges, beaches, and roads to
5:49 am
get a good look at this. if they can't do the large today because of the weather it looks like sunday will be their best opportunity to get it off the ground. in just a couple of hours prince william and kate middleton will be. the crews at the polo club were setting up the vip tent far big luncheon tomorrow. now william and kate will be arriving at los angeles for national air fort tonight. family and friends of michelle -- it will be held at the hayward sizzler. 20% of all sales will go toward the ongoing search effort to find le. she disappeared on may 27th. police are investigating the case as a homicide but family
5:50 am
and friends believe le may still be alive. a blood drive will be held today in honor of martinez police sergeant brian carter. he died last month after a two year battle with lymphoma. to register just look under the web link section of our website we will have a link up shortly. time now 5:49. sal, has things to tell us about the friday morning commute. it usually is friday light. >> it is for the most part. but we've had some trouble spots out there. let's take a look at what we have westbound bay bridge. that is backed up not at all which is good come into san francisco on that upper deck. a little bit of fog moving through the area. a little bit of low clouds here and there. might effect your driving in some spots. let's move along and take a look at 237 getting out to sunnyvale. no major problems. i want to bring up the map. we had a crash off of 101 that
5:51 am
has been cleared. if you are driving in hayward, union city, or fremont it's a nice drive. and our friends in antioch and concord and walnut creek you can see the traffic is going to be pretty much at the speed limit. looks like there is a little bit of a slow down northbound 680. unusual from walnut creek to concord. at 5:50 let's go to steve. some of it a little bit shallower here. the coverage yesterday the extent of the fog was much bigger yesterday than it is today. there is still some there. but it didn't change much on the temperatures from yesterday and today. it kept about the same. that is all that is left really the fog. it's holding on. there is a lot more redyed. 50s and 60s on the temps. low 50s. oakland 52.
5:52 am
some low 60s fairfield and san jose at 61. there is really only a puff of the sea breeze. there is not much going on. high pressure still hanging on. between the low and the gulf of alaska. each day it's a little cool down on the coast. bay inland still 90s throw. morning fog and sunny. nice, mild, warm. maybe hot. if you are far enough away from the coast. anywhere from 60s to mid 90s. doesn't take much. so inland areas even though they get a west wind they are still in the low 90s. looks like the trend to bring temperatures down. >> all right thank you, steve. well, the labor department just announced only 18,000 jobs were added last month. that is much worse than economists expected. the forecast was for as many as 120,000 new jobs in june. the unemployment rate also up now to 9.2%. economists say 200 to 250,000 jobs need to be created each month to climb back to a
5:53 am
healthy economy. apple can't say when it will have a fix for a security hold in some of its most popular products. a german agency found the problem that could allow hackers to steal confidential information from the ipod, ipad touch and the iphone. apple says the issue comes from a program that allows users to run any software. owners use that software to get around restrictions. time now 5:53. a new way to let your carl make -- car make a statement about the environment and why some say this is a whale of an idea. he's very calm and very happy right now. >> celebrating one of the nine lives of a little kitty that almost ran out of chances.
5:54 am
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welcome back to the morning news. in a five week old kit ten is recovering after being thrown out of a moving car on a heavily traveled bridge in new york. >> each day he's a little less scared. a little less nervous. >> he's so cute. the kitten was rescued by an animal care worker who happened to be driving behind the person that threw that kitty out of the window. the driver kept going. police are still looking for that perp. more than 100 people have applied to adopt that kitten.
5:57 am
a new look for california's whale tail license plate. take a look at the new design. license plates will be available starting august 1st. august 2nd really. the money raised will restore california beaches. they decided to create this new design when a southern california artist ordered them to stop using his art work. all right it's coming up on 6:00. a lot of people head out the door soon. sal, how is the commute? >> it's doing pretty well. we are looking at the south bay this time. northbound 280 traffic looks nice getting up to highway 17. that earlier jackknifed big rig is gone. if you are driving from the south bay do the east bay, 680 is in good shape heading south. 5:37. a rashover over-- a rash of overnight violence in oakland. how oakland police are dealing with it all. the expanding investigation
5:58 am
into a deadly plane crash in watsonville and why the tragedy came close to being even worse. good morning, there is a blanket of fog out there but it's very shallow. temperatures today warmer, cooler? what's the deal?
5:59 am
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